Studio Design Inspiration Header, Little Byron

Ever dream of a studio retreat where you can meditate, read, write and create in solitude? Me, too. Studies show spending time in creative solitude is linked to increased happiness, better life satisfaction and improved stress management. Creative solitude also sparks productivity, builds mental strength and encourages self-reflection. Shall we stroke our well-being for a moment to fantasize about some studio design inspiration?

Studio Design Inspiration

I’ll be the first to admit, this studio design inspiration is less than practical. But, that’s the point, right? We want to learn how to discover, think, create and inspire out of the box. And these three options help us do just that. Especially considering one floats and another is on wheels.

Studio Design Inspiration, Tiny House

Tiny House – Studio Design Inspiration

This, my friend, is a tiny house. A tiny house I consistently dream about emulating.

How amazing would it be to escape to this creative studio designed with office workspace and a meditation loft?

The natural light that streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows is a refreshing shot in the arm. And the layered textures of neutrals and woods are everything.

-Source: The Way We Play

Studio Design Inspiration, Boat House

Boat House – Studio Design Inspiration

Would you believe me if I told you this is a boat house? Small and mighty, this little floater is the perfect studio design inspiration.

Nap up top, create down below.

And how about that sputnik pendant? Sheer perfection.

-Source: Kyleigh Kuhn

Studio Design Inspiration, Airstream

Airstream – Studio Design Inspiration

Oh, hello airstream heaven. This space checks all the studio design inspiration boxes.

Can you imagine having a mobile studio designed to take you to the mountains or the beach?

Sign me up.

-Source: Tiny House Alino

Studio Design Inspiration Quote, Carl Sandburg

Affording ourselves quiet, creative space provides us with the opportunity to think about the goals, progress and changes we might want to make within our lives. A personal studio designed to enhance well-being is at the top of my wish list.

Our next home will have a studio designed for writing and creating sans the audible stream of Fortnite blowing up my train of thought. That’s a commitment I’m making to (better) myself.

So, whether your studio design inspiration is a she-shed, greenhouse, tiny home, airstream or spare bedroom, I hope you find a quiet space to spend some time in creative solitude today. -xo

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