Best Hats for Summer

The best straw hats provide sun protection and style. And thanks to a plethora of silhouettes and playful designs, there are many straw hats that tick the fashion and practicality boxes. I shopped around and gathered-up my favorite 9 straw hats to wear all summer long to keep our skin and style feeling super-fresh.

9 Straw Hats to Wear All Summer Long

I’ve never been consistent with applying sunscreen. In fact, I spent years on the beach lathering baby oil all over my body, including my face. The warm rays soaking into my skin felt like heaven. And I felt I looked better with a sun-kissed golden tone. Sadly, twenty-something me was oblivious to the eventual repercussions via sunspots, wrinkles and sun damage.

I’m trying to be kinder to my skin. And I’m also accepting how hair-lazy I’ve become. I don’t want to spend a lot of time fixing my hair; it’s simply not that important to me. For these reasons, I’ve developed an infatuation with hats. I gravitate toward wide-brimmed straw fedoras. Add a little funky embroidery and I can’t ‘add to cart’ fast enough.


Embroidered Straw Hat
Evil Eye Straw Hat
Desert Straw Hat
Moroccan Straw Hat
Rockabilly Straw Hat
Wide Brimmed Straw Hat
Hat Quote by Philip Treacy

If you’re searching for a straw hat with fewer details, these classic straw hats might be more up your alley. You can’t go wrong with classic and timeless, after all.

Brixton Joanna Straw Hat
Brixton Joanna IV Straw Hat
Billabong Wrangler Dude Ranch Straw Hat

There’s so much style potential by simply adding a hat. Straw hats, in particular, suit my casual style. My favorite casual outfit to pair with a straw hat is a comfy v-neck tee, great fitting jeans, Birkenstocks, and stacked beaded bracelets. (Did I mention I started designing beaded bracelets? More about that in a future post.) Shop around and play with hats. And remember, the best straw hats to wear all summer will pair well with anything your creative personality desires. -xo

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