How to Choose a Natural Fiber Rug

Jun 14, 2022DESIGN

Natural Fiber Rug Inspiration, Athena Calderone

Natural fiber rugs provide a warm, earthy texture that lend a relaxed and easy vibe. They’re eco-friendly and their durability makes them a practical choice, too. The most popular types of natural fiber rugs are  seagrass, sisal and jute. I’ve owned all three and learned a few lessons from each. From pros and cons to tips and tricks, here’s what you need to know about natural fiber rugs.

I’m currently loving seagrass rugs. I shied away from seagrass when the boys were little because I didn’t want their little knees to get roughed up. Now that they’re older, seagrass has become my favorite natural fiber rug. It sheds less than sisal and jute and I’ve found it’s far more durable for our family’s rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

These are the pros and cons I’ve learned from each:


Seagrass Natural Fiber Rug -

Seagrass Rugs

Grown in saltwater marshes, seagrass is nonporous, water-resistant and stain-resistant. After discovering seagrass’s durability, it’s my favorite.

Pro: Seagrass rugs don’t shed like sisal or jute. They’re backed with latex, so they stay in place better than sisal or jute, too. 

Con: Because seagrass is nonporous, it cannot be dyed. Seagrass has a rougher texture than sisal or jute. If you have little crawlers, sisal or jute might be a better option. 

Sisal Natural Fiber Rug -

Sisal Rugs

Made from the agave plant, sisal is tough enough for high-traffic areas of your home. If you have kids and pets, sisal rugs will hold up well. 

Pro: Sisal rugs shed less than and are more durable than jute. But, they aren’t as durable as seagrass. 

Con: Sisal is rougher than jute, so it could be uncomfortable for little ones. Sisal rugs are usually the priciest of the three options. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Jute Natural Fiber Rug -

Jute Rugs

Native to India, jute is derived from the plants Corchorus Olitorius and Corchorus Capsularis. Jute is strong and eco-friendly. 

Pro: Jute rugs win for softness compared to sisal or seagrass. If you have crawlers, jute will cause the least discomfort. 

Con: Jute rugs shed. If you have dark hardwood floors or if anyone in your household likes to lie on the floor, you will hate jute. Been there, done that. Not for me. 


Rugs are the perfect anchor for your room so long as you position them the right way. When it comes to living room rugs, it’s important to allow the front legs of your furniture to be on the rug. There should be at least six-inches of rug on each side of the furniture. For dining rooms, make sure the rug extends so the dining chair legs remain on the rug—whether pushed in or out. As for bedroom rugs, the typical rug size for a king bed is 9×12. The typical rug size for a queen bed is 8×10. 

I’m partial to the relaxed, organic and eco-friendly vibe of natural fiber rugs. The versatility and textural warmth makes them the ideal layer for any room. In fact, I do have them in almost every room of our home. And if you have kids and pets, maybe you should consider them, too.

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