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Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Caddis

CADDIS designs fashion-forward readers to match every personality. Caddis readers enhance your reading experience with individuality and flair.

Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Parachute

PARACHUTE designs premium quality sheets, towels, robes, rugs and decor. Parachute manufacturers craft home essentials using only the finest materials.

Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Etsy

ETSY is a treasure trove of artisanal finds. They offer a diverse array of handmade, vintage, and personalized products. When you need a unique gift, Etsy is where it’s at.

Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Peepers

PEEPERS readers, progressives, and sunglasses have an upbeat and light-hearted vibe. You know they’re the bomb when Oprah endorses them. Check out their Perfect Pair Finder to discover the most attractive pair for you.


Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Ogee

OGEE skincare and makeup consists of organic natural ingredients free from harmful chemicals. Their formulas promote skin hydration and rejuvenation via potent botanicals and cutting-edge science. Learn more — Your Guide to Shopping Clean Beauty Makeup

Julie Pedraza - Shop Henry Rose

HENRY ROSE fine fragrance consists of high-quality ingredients. EWG Verified, Henry Rose is setting a new standard for clean perfume. Henry Rose provides a captivating olfactory experience while valuing your health and well-being. Learn more — 6 Reasons to Wear Henry Rose Clean Fine Fragrance

Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Fable

FABLE makes high-quality handcrafted dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware. Each piece has an organic shape, adding to its artistic allure.

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Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Naturepedic Mattresses

NATUREPEDIC mattresses are EWG VERIFIED and made with non-toxic organic cotton, wool, and latex. Naturepedic does not use cancer-causing flame retardants, glues, or polyurethane foam. They’ve been leading the organic mattress revolution for over 15 years.

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Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Clevr Blends

CLEVR BLENDS SuperLattes provide a boost of energy with vital high-quality nutrients. Clevr Blends Chai SuperLatte is my favorite way to begin and end the day. Learn more — Why Clevr SuperLattes Are Coffee’s Cooler Cousin

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Julie Pedraza Lifestyle Site - Shop Moon Juice

MOON JUICE adaptogenic supplements combine the wisdom of ancient herbal traditions with modern nutritional science. Their adaptogens support resilience to stress while promoting mental clarity. Learn more — How to Boost Energy and Curb Stress with Adaptogens

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