Personal Style – A Guide to Creating a Signature Look

Oct 13, 2022STYLE

After 50+ trips around the sun, I’ve honed my personal style a few times over. Back in the day, I wore my fair share of LBD’s and heels. Today, my new version of LBD is laid back and done. I’ve created a personal style that’s a true reflection of me. And you can, too. 

Developing your personal style can be a fun and creative process. The signature style you create should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Take stock of your current wardrobe. Consider which pieces you feel good in and which you rarely wear. This crucial step will help you identify the gaps in your wardrobe.

STEP 1 – Purge before creating your personal style.

There have been times when I look at my wardrobe and think, meh. When my style feels stale, I empty my closet and try on every piece. Then, I create three piles: keep, sell and donate.

If my first reaction to an outfit is negative, I list it on Poshmark or donate it to Vietnam Veterans of America. If my reaction is positive, I take a photo so I can recreate the look in a pinch. This eliminates stress and makes getting dressed effortless. No more heaps of tried-on clothes crumpled on the floor. No more frustration.

Getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit or feel good is key to creating your personal style. When I styled clients, I watched as they contorted to try to keep clothes they disliked. “But, I spent too much money to get rid of it.” “I’ll fit into it someday.” “My mother-in-law gave it to me, she’ll be upset if I don’t keep it.” When you create excuses, you fail to acknowledge the negativity attached to the clothes that do not serve you.

Do you have a too-small dress hanging in the closet? Negative self-talk says you’re overweight. That yellow top that washes you out? Critical self-talk tells you you’re pale. The sweater your mother-in-law gifted that looks just like her? It tells you she doesn’t know you at all. Your well-being deserves better.

You must release the negativity attached to each of these pieces. Sell the like-new clothes on Poshmark. Donate the gently used pieces to Vietnam Veterans of America. I promise it will feel like a stylistic metamorphosis.

“When clothes don’t fit trash them, not you.”  —Mel Robbins

Personal Style - Julie Pedraza

STEP 2 – Experiment with your personal style.

Step into your closet. Place your hands on each piece you own. And ask yourself the following five questions:

1.  Does this reflect my personality?

2.  Does this fit?

3.  How does this fabric make me feel?

4.  Does this color jive with my complexion?

5.  Does this pattern compliment my frame?

Don’t freak out if the donate and sell piles are larger than the keep pile. Research shows most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Why not eliminate the 80% we never wear?

Having a minimal collection of clothes that feels and looks great eliminates stress. The pieces you love are front and center. Nothing gets buried or lost.

Once you have a clear idea of your lifestyle and current wardrobe, start experimenting with different styles and looks. Try mixing and matching different pieces in your wardrobe, and experiment with colors, patterns, and accessories. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone.

STEP 3 – Photograph your personal style.

Personal Style, Fedora with Black Tee and Pants- Julie Pedraza
Personal Style - Evil Eye Clutch with Black Tee and Jeans - Julie Pedraza
Personal Style - Green Jacket with Black Tee and Jeans - Julie Pedraza
Chambray Shirt, Linen Pants, Chloe Bag - Julie Pedraza
Tunic Tee with Jeans - Julie Pedraza
Black Shawl, Zodiac Tee, Jeans - Julie Pedraza

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” 

—Vera Wang

As you experiment with your personal style, pay attention to how you feel in different outfits. Your personal style should make you feel comfortable and confident. Choose clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. By keeping the clothes that fit, are comfortable and compliment your complexion and frame, you’re sure to feel good inside and out.
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