How to Hone Your Personal Style

Apr 11, 2022STYLE

Personal Style - Sun Hat, Oui Tee, Linen Pants - Julie Pedraza

After 50+ trips around the sun, I’ve cornered the market on casual. I wore my fair share of LBD’s back in the day. But, my new version of LBD is laid back and done. I’ve honed a personal style that’s a true reflection of me. And you can, too. 

There are times when I look at my wardrobe and think, meh. That’s when I know it’s time to empty my closet and create three piles: keep, sell and donate. I try on every piece. If my first reaction is negative, out it goes. End of story. Then, I take photos of my favorite outfits so I can recreate them on the fly. It’s a stylistic metamorphosis, a soulful recalibration. 

Holding onto clothes that don’t fit or feel good creates anxiety and negative self-talk. It’s important to release them and the negativity tethered to them. Donate or sell them before they pile up and collect dust. And only buy new pieces in the size you currently wear.

“When clothes don’t fit trash them, not you.”

—Mel Robbins

The easiest platform to sell like-new clothes is Poshmark. And I love donating the gently used clothes to Vietnam Veterans of America. No reason to drive around with them in your trunk when VVA conveniently picks up.


So, how does your current wardrobe make you feel? Are you unsure? Step into your closet. Place your hands on each piece you own. And ask yourself the following five questions:

1.  Does this reflect my personality?

2.  Does this fit?

3.  How does this fabric make me feel?

4.  Does this color jive with my complexion?

5.  Does this pattern compliment my frame?

Having a smaller collection of clothes that feels and looks great avoids stress. Everything can be easily mixed and matched. And all the pieces are front and center. Nothing gets buried and lost.
Black Outfit with Puff Sleeve Tee, Jeans and Evil Eye Clutch -

Top – Halogen

Jeans – Hudson

Clutch – Aldo

Green Jacket, Black Tunic, Jeans and Crossbody Bag -

Jacket – Carlisle

Tunic – Lush

Jeans – Hudson

Crossbody – World Market

Black Monochromatic Style - Julie Pedraza

Jacket – Sun Rider

Top – Anthropologie

Jeans – Hudson

Tunic Tee with Jeans -

Tunic – Natural Life

Jeans – Hudson

Earrings – Vintage, My Grandmother’s

Black Shawl, Zodiac Tee, Jeans -

Shawl – Vintage

Zodiac Tee – Etsy

Jeans – Hudson


Chambray Shirt, Linen Pants, Chloe Bag -

Chambray Shirt – So

Linen Pants – Zara

Bag – Chloe

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.”

—Vera Wang

Honing your personal style can be a simplified and rewarding experience. By keeping the clothes that fit, are comfortable and compliment your complexion and frame, you always feel good inside and out. —xo
*Feature Image Sourcing: Hat – Etsy, Oui Tee – Etsy, Linen Pants – Zara

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