How to Create Peace Within Your Home

Feb 14, 2022DESIGN

Peaceful Bedroom -

Creating a peaceful home requires an innovative imagination and simple daily upkeep. I tidy and clean a few minutes every day. I take notice of the energy within each room. If there is a negative shift, I find ways to course correct. That often means tweaking decor and pulling out my trusty Palo Santo.

I enjoy creating peaceful pockets throughout our home. They’re like comforting reminders that inject calm into my psyche.

Growing up, a peaceful home was something I savored during visits to see my grandparents. The house I shared with my mother reeked of conflict and fear. My mother was prone to violent outbursts. She had a propensity for overturning a three-piece solid oak bookcase. I’m still baffled by how her small frame toppled furniture five times her size.

Over time, I created a fix-it routine. After she’d pass-out, I’d pick up the broken decor and vacuum the cigarette ashes and spilled plant soil. I would do everything in my power to make our home seem peaceful.

Carrying those fix-it traits into adulthood was a natural progression. Some might say perpetual organizing and cleaning is about control. Others might say it’s about keeping busy to avoid dealing with my past. I say a smidge of both could be true. But, years of therapy have unveiled it’s more about pining for peace.

Each of us is a masterpiece learning to master peace.

These pockets of nostalgia make my home peaceful. They’re thought provoking and meditative to me.

Peaceful Pocket, Gallery Wall - Julie Pedraza

I peruse our gallery wall of six generations every day. I peer into the eyes of my great-grandparents and wonder if they’re proud of me.

Peaceful Pocket, Antiques - Julie Pedraza
I dust the Singer sewing machine my great-great-grandmother loved. It’s lived in her home, her daughter’s home, my grandmother’s home and my home.
Peaceful Pocket, Decor - Julie Pedraza

I love this photo of the first time Cole held Reece. I reflect on the five years he prayed for a little brother as I struggled to conceive. Then, I giggle because not long after, I caught Cole trying to sell Reece on Craigslist “because he’s no fun.”

Living Room, Julie Pedraza

My great-grandfather’s favorite blanket is draped over our loveseat. He draped it over the seat of his Ford. And then I glance over at a photograph of him working in a Ford garage. 


When friends visit our home they make funny comments like, “Are you a serial killer? You must be a serial killer. No one lives like this. Where are you hiding the bodies?” And I get it. It might seem as though keeping my home habitually neat is exhausting. The reality is, it would be exhausting for me not to.

Remember the movie starring Julia Roberts called Sleeping with the Enemy? It’s a psychological thriller about a woman who fakes her death to flee a neurotic and violent husband. She leaves Cape Cod and moves to Iowa where she adopts a new identity. A particular scene shows her in her kitchen. She opens the cabinet and discovers her canned goods are perfectly organized. All the labels are facing forward. (Spoiler – He suspects she’s alive. He finds her, travels to Iowa and breaks into her home. He then proceeds to organize her kitchen. I’ll leave you with the cliffhanger.) The point is, I’m a label facer outer. Make of it what you will; it makes me feel good in a non-serial killer kind of way.

My childhood was harrowing. I’ll most likely always be that wounded little girl cleaning up the mess. But, as fortune would have it, I happened upon an enlightening fork in the road. One prong involved carrying the torch of an unhinged addict. The other prong led to creating life anew. Anew it will be.

“Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life.

—Marie Kondo

Pondering how to create more peace within your home? Think about a place where you feel happiest. Do you have a favorite destination that brings you peace? Or like me, were you happiest at your grandparents’ home? Draw creativity from your memories and imagination. The sensory elements you recall have the power to bring peace into your home.

Sensory soothers that bring calm to any space are cozy textiles, greenery, candles and incense. Natural fiber rugs also exude tranquility and ground a room. Rely on elements that please your senses. That’s your inspiration.

Take a look around your home. Where do you feel peace? Where could you create more of it? Think about things you’ve stored away. Is it a photo of someone you love or lost? Is it an award you earned, but are too humble to display? Is it something you created, but fear it’s not good enough? Display it. Go for it. Create your peaceful home. And if you need more ideas, tap into my Pinterest boards. —xo

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