The Pandemic Habits I Plan to Keep

Mar 14, 2022WELL-BEING

Pandemic Habits I Plan to Keep - Julie Pedraza
A majority of people are biting at the chomp to return to their pre-pandemic lives. I’m a little more slow-go. As I reflect on the last two years, I realize the pandemic habits I felt forced to create have helped build a better me than I was before. 
For starters, I wouldn’t trade my family’s slower paced schedule and extra time spent together for anything. I’ll always cherish the peace of having all of us healthy and safe under one roof. I realize my experience is cloaked in privilege. And with that, I have immense gratitude for the medical professionals and essential workers who kept our world afloat. It was they who sacrificed while we retreated to the safety and refuge of our homes.
After the initial shock of the pandemic wore off, our family settled in. In true Aries fashion, I researched and created a plan. For the most part, the pandemic habits I implemented have been a success. So much so, I’m choosing to keep them.


Nourishing Nosh

As I learned more about COVID-19, the more dietary changes I made. We learned those with high inflammation suffered far worse consequences when infected. So, I kicked into anti-inflammatory gear. Breakfast became a blueberry, kale and Oatly smoothie and/or oatmeal or granola. The boys’ lunch became a gluten-free organic turkey and avocado sandwich topped with greens and a kiss of maple-dijon salad dressing. Dinner included organic pasture raised/wild caught/grass-fed protein with sautéed organic broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and roasted sweet potatoes. Teriyaki coconut aminos is the savory secret sauce. All anti-inflammatory wins still on heavy rotation.

Soothing SuperLattes

Shortly after lockdown, I started drinking Clevr Chai SuperLattes. Chai is my spirit potion, an instant well-being levitator. Plus, Clevr SuperLattes are full of healthy adaptogens, mushrooms and probiotics that help manage stress. In addition to Chai, they offer Matcha, Golden Turmeric, Rose Cacao and Coffee SuperLattes. I have a crazy sweet tooth and these SuperLattes totally indulge me. I keep my sipping canisters stocked at all times. I’ve come to depend on opening and closing my day with a healthy dose of Clevr. (Receive 15% off with code Julie15.)

Fun Fitness

Long before the hoopla, we bought a Peloton. I don’t love fitness, so my Peloton-ing pre-pandemic was sporadic at best. But, keeping inflammation down became the goal. So, I committed to daily twenty-minute rides. I don’t always love it, but I realize I need it. On days I’m not feeling it, I opt for a podcast walk. No matter the activity I choose, it must be fun.

Creature Comforts

I went full-fledged homebody about six years ago. If I’m being honest, politics played a big part. The waning civility began to affect my emotional well-being. So, creating a bubble of decorum for my family and self became priority. Besides, when you’re a lone female cohabitating with five males, battling the testosterone with some zen is necessary. I decluttered and donated. And I added cozy blankets, Palo Santo incense and candles. Every room in our home provides the comfort and calm each of us needs. I’ve mastered the art of bringing the zen.

Loungewear Love

I’ve been on the comfortable clothing bandwagon since my forties. I hung up the heels and tight-fitters and have never looked back. I’ve found no good reason to sacrifice comfort for style. And my pandemic wardrobe of sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings and jeans solidifies this philosophy. The Cali easygoing and laid-back style suits me and it’s here to stay.

Salty Solitude

I savor solitude. Even as a kid, I needed alone time to recharge every day. Living through a pandemic with three people and two dogs under one roof 24-hours a day… whew, it was a lot for me. After a couple of contentious outbursts, I needed an outlet. So, I self-prescribed six scoops of epsom salt in a piping hot bath every evening. The calming magnesium seeping into my pores is the ultimate anti-inflammatory treat. 

Reading Rhythm

Everyone in our family enjoys reading. But, our modern lifestyle often prioritizes productivity over pleasure. By the time we check-off our last to-do, we fall asleep before turning a single page. But, the pandemic habits we’ve created helped bump reading to the top of our lists. Our intention is to read twenty minutes per day. If the book is a gem, we might finish it within a day. Scheduling a daily twenty-minute read reminded me how a good book has the power to calm, till and enrich my mindset.

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“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

—Warren Buffett

We’re transitioning from a pandemic to endemic, so I’m told. But, that doesn’t mean we have to fall in line on the hamster wheel. I’m hellbent on keeping my feel-good pandemic habits. How about you? —xo

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