Cultivate well-being through design, style, and healthy living.

Hi, I’m Julie.

Welcome to my happy place.

Design, Style, Healthy Living by Julie Pedraza

I’m a former talk radio host and interior stylist savoring life as a mom, partner, aesthete and a comfort-glutton homebody. Within these pages, I share articles about home design, personal style, healthy living and how I continue to heal from childhood trauma. The common theme you’ll find is simplicity. For me, that means a decluttered home with the aroma of Palo Santo in the air, a rotating collection of comfortable yet interesting clothes, and food and health choices consisting of mostly whole foods, enjoyable fitness, and non-toxic products. I’m convinced that simplifying our lifestyle cultivates the utmost mental, emotional and physical well-being. I hope you find this to be your happy place to foster a creative, relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for connecting; I’m grateful you’re here.

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