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The key to organization is eliminating the visual noise so the pieces you love and use are allowed to shine. The following organization inspiration will help you get three areas of your home maximized in a minimal amount of time.

Organization Inspiration

I’m not stellar at many things, but organization is my jam. The word neurotic may or may not have been tossed my way in the midst of a routine sorting spree. -Compliment accepted.

Pantry Organization Inspiration

Pantry Organization Inspiration

Step 1. Empty your pantry. Yep, clear it out. Toss expired items and wipe down all the shelves.

Step 2. Categorize everything. Place all the snacks on one shelf, paper products on another shelf, etc.

Step 3. Utilize coordinating clear canisters and woven baskets. Clear canisters allow you to see when you’re running low and need to replenish. Baskets are great for irregular-shaped items.

Step 4. Designate one shelf for kids only. I found by doing this my kids don’t demolish the other shelves. It’s much less work to keep the kitchen neat and clean.

Step 5. Train your dragons to place items back in their designated spots. But, don’t hold your breath and don’t unleash the fiery fury when they fall out of line. Repetition and positive reinforcement produces the best results.

Closet Organization Inspiration

Closet Organization Inspiration

Step 1. Empty your closet. Dust and wipe down the shelves.

Step 2. Categorize the garments to donate, sell and keep.

Step 3. Organize the keepers by garment type. Hang everything in the same direction with longer items on one side.

Step 4. Utilize flocked hangers. They keep slippery suckers from falling on the floor and they’re so, so pretty. Don’t hang t-shirts, work-out clothes or pajamas. Instead , fold and place them in drawers.

Step 5. Place your handbags high and your shoes low. My grandpa always told me to keep my money high by keeping my purse off the floor. And as for shoes, they’re germy. Keep them on designated shoe-only shelves or on the floor.

Home Office Design Inspiration, Room For Tuesday

Office Organization Inspiration

Step 1. Go digital. Scan paper documents and receipts and shred them. If a natural disaster hits your home, you’ll need digital receipts.

Step 2. Create a designated spot for mail in the office, not on the kitchen counter.

Step 3. Store office supplies in drawers, baskets, and bins.

Step 4. Organize books by business and pleasure.

Step 5. Label binders, baskets, and bins your family members use. Spell it out for them IN BIG LETTERS. Make it easy.

Organization Inspiration Quote, Christina Scalise

Does the clutter you own contribute to the life you want or is it getting in the way? Are you controlling your stuff or is it controlling you? Kickstart your organization project by going room by room. Within each space, touch and hold the pieces you’re considering whether or not to keep. Ask yourself: Does this enhance the life I want to live? Act on your initial thought and then keep, sell, donate, or ditch.

And remember, organizing isn’t about removing the things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love. Block some time to organize today. You’ll be happy you did. -xo

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