Organization Inspiration to Help Simplify Your Life

Apr 16, 2024 | DESIGN

Maintaining an organized and functional home can feel like a perpetual challenge. But with some practical tips and personal effort, an organized home is within reach. Let’s delve into some step-by-step organization inspiration to help simplify your life.


My grandmother and mother were disorganized. My grandmother was a product of The Great Depression. My mother’s disorganization was due to laziness. Both of them spent an exorbitant amount of time searching for things they misplaced.

NaNa saved plastic butter containers. She washed and reused Ziploc bags. Her entire hall closet overflowed with rolls of wrapping paper. She never met a sale she didn’t like.

She would buy Christmas and birthday gifts throughout the year. Then, she’d hide them and forget about them. She had drawers full of holiday napkins she never used. There was no way anyone could use all those napkins in their lifetime.

It was frustrating witnessing how much time NaNa and my mother wasted while searching for things. They misplaced car keys, wallets, jewelry, and money. They blamed a specific family member for stealing each item they lost. I always wondered if they felt bad about it when they eventually found the lost item. 

As a child, I became the polar opposite. I made a vow of organization and efficiency. Some might say I have O.C.D. It’s not that I obsess over keeping things organized. But it is important to me.

Every object in our house ‘has a home.’ My boys know it’s important to put things back where you found them. It’s about being efficient. And it keeps the perpetual question of, “Hey Mom, where’s my…” at bay.

Being organized alleviates stress. And anytime I can minimize stress is a win.


1. Declutter with Purpose Start your organizational journey by decluttering with intention. Embrace the philosophy of minimalism and let go of items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy. Clearing out the excess creates room for functionality and a sense of serenity.

2. Opt for Functional Furniture Invest in furniture with aesthetic appeal and functional purpose. Choose pieces with built-in storage to maximize space. An example would be an ottoman or accent table with hidden storage.

3. Create Zones for Activities Choose specific areas in your home for different activities. Want a cozy reading nook or dedicated workspace? Organize your living space into functional zones. This enhances efficiency and fosters a sense of order.

4. Apply Innovative Storage Solutions Explore storage solutions for every inch of your home. Baskets with lids keep clutter at bay. They also contribute to the aesthetic of your space.

5. Categorize and Label – Categorize your belongings. Label containers. This will keep your kitchen, pantry, and closet functional.

6. Schedule a Daily Maintenance Routine – Establish a daily routine for tidying up. Spend a few minutes putting things back in their designated places. Consistent effort goes a long way.

7. Maximize Vertical Space Use vertical space with wall-mounted shelves, hooks, and organizers. This adds storage capacity and creates an illusion of height and openness.

8. Inspire Organization with Aesthetics Choose storage bins and baskets to complement your decor. This turns functional items into decorative accents that inspire order.


Disorganization can have a significant impact on your well-being. Getting organized is a powerful tool to create a calmer, more positive state of mind. Here’s how it can be a game-changer for your well-being:

Reduced Stress Clutter and disorganization create a constant low-level stress. Organization helps reduce that mental burden, freeing up space for focus and relaxation. Imagine the peace of knowing exactly where things are and having a clear plan for tackling tasks.

Increased Productivity – Organizing saves time in the long run. No more wasting time searching for things or feeling overwhelmed by unfinished tasks. Streamlining your workflow gives you a sense of accomplishment. This reduces stress.

Improved SleepA cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind. This makes it harder to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Establish routines. Declutter your bedroom. Creating a designated relaxation space can improve your sleep quality.

Enhanced Sense of Control – A chaotic environment can leave you feeling powerless. Implementing organizational systems puts you back in the driver’s seat. Take control of your surroundings by creating routines. This cultivates confidence in your ability to manage your life.

Boosted CreativityDisorganization can stifle creativity by creating mental noise. Streamline your environment. This allows your mind to breathe and fosters space for innovative thinking.


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1. Start by emptying your pantry. Discard any expired items and give the shelves a thorough wipe-down.
2. Categorize everything. Group all snacks together on one shelf, paper products on another, and so on. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.
3. Use canisters and baskets. Clear canisters allow you to see what you have on hand and when it’s time to replenish.
4. Give the kids a shelf of their own. Doing so will help keep them from rummaging through the other shelves and messing up your hard work.
5. Train your household members to return items to their designated spots. Repetition and positive reinforcement are keys to success. With these simple steps, you’ll maintain a tidy and functional pantry.


1. Empty your closet and wipe down each shelf to remove any dust or debris.
2. Categorize your garments into three piles: keep, donate, and sell. This will help you determine which pieces you’ll wear and which you can part with.
3. Organize your keepers by garment type. Hang items in the same direction. Hang longer pieces on one side to create a uniform look.
4. Use flocked hangers to prevent clothes from slipping onto the floor. Reserve drawers for workout clothes and pajamas.
5. Store your handbags up high and shoes down low. As the saying goes, “Keep your money high.” Shoes are also germy, so store them on their own shelf or on the floor.


1. Go digital. Scan paper documents and receipts and then shred them. Electronic copies keep important information safe in case of a natural disaster.
2. Create a designated spot for mail in your office — not on the kitchen counter. Sort through mail daily. Toss junk mail in the recycle bin and place bills on your desk for payment.
3. Store office supplies in drawers, baskets, and bins. This will keep your workspace tidy and make it easier to find what you need when you need it.
4. Organize books by category, separating business from pleasure . This will help you find what you’re looking for and keep your bookshelves looking neat.
5. Label binders, baskets, and bins that your family members use. This makes it easy for everyone to find what they need. And it helps keep your office space organized and clutter-free.


Embracing organization has a ripple effect that can impact your entire life. Creating systems and routines can restore peace and calm. Establish effective systems that work for you. Tame the physical clutter. Watch how you cultivate an organized oasis that enhances your well-being.

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