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Dec 6, 2021DESIGN

Organization Inspiration, Cubbies Under Stairs
There are so many moving parts to life. It’s easy to become disorganized in the hustle. If you dislike organizing, but crave an organized home, this organization inspiration is for you.
I’ve had an unnatural knack for organizing since I was a kid. If I’m being honest, it’s one of my favorite things to do. (I know, I know.) I watched my grandmother spend half her life searching for things she misplaced. She’d hide her jewelry thinking she was being clever. Then, she’d forget where she hid them. She’d spend days worrying that she threw them away.

“Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency. And reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your quality of life.”

—Christina Scalise

Knowing NaNa had a proclivity to misplace things, I’d organize her home from top to bottom. A Libra, she loved the finer things in life—and lots of them. Remember the rule, “When you bring something in, toss something out?” NaNa didn’t get the memo.

I’d pare down her cluttered tchotchkes and box half of them up. I’d promise to swap them out the next time I visited. By my next visit, all the tchotchkes would be back on full display.

Your home is an extension of your energy. That’s why cleaning your home, rearranging furniture, organizing your closet and getting rid of clutter have a profound impact on your mind, body and soul.


By eliminating the things we don’t love or use, we have far less to organize, clean and maintain. It’s about eliminating the noise so the things we love and use can shine. 

Organized Pantry

Pantry Organization

Step 1.  Empty your kitchen pantry. Toss expired items and wipe down all the shelves.
Step 2.  Categorize everything. Place all the snacks on one shelf, paper products on another shelf, etc.
Step 3.  Use canisters and baskets. Clear canisters allow you to see when you need to replenish. Baskets are great for irregular-shaped items.
Step 4.  Give the kids a shelf of their own. I found doing this keeps my boys from demolishing the other shelves.
Step 5.  Train your dragons to place items back in their designated spots. Repetition and positive reinforcement produces the best results.
Organized Closet

Closet Organization 

Step 1.  Empty your closet. Dust and wipe each shelf.
Step 2.  Categorize the garments by: keep, donate and sell.
Step 3.  Organize the keepers by garment type. Hang everything in the same direction with longer items on one side.
Step 4.  Use flocked hangers. They keep clothes from falling on the floor. Work-out clothes and pajamas belong in drawers.
Step 5.  Place your handbags high and your shoes low. Grandpa always told me, “Keep your money high.” As for shoes, they’re germy. Keep them on their own shelf or on the floor.
Home Office Inspiration, Room for Tuesday

Office Organization 

Step 1.  Go digital. Scan paper documents and receipts and shred them. If a natural disaster hits your home, you’ll need electronic copies.
Step 2.  Create a designated spot for mail in the office, not on the kitchen counter. Toss the junk mail in your recycle bin and place the bills on your desk for payment.
Step 3.  Store office supplies in drawers, baskets, and bins.
Step 4.  Organize books by business and pleasure.
Step 5.  Label binders, baskets, and bins your family members use. Spell it out for them IN BIG LETTERS. Make it easy for them to succeed.

“Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.”

—Meagan Francis

The very best way to stay organized is to tidy-up every day. This makes upkeep much easier. Pay attention to your natural habits and create organization systems around those habits. If you remove your shoes by the front door, place them in cubbies or a basket. Tending your garden makes your home a place you want to be.

Avoid dumping things on countertops. When things get dumped, it’s because you haven’t yet created a designated and intuitive space for them to live. Think: hooks for jackets, purses and leashes.

A cluttered environment fosters a cluttered mind. Creating daily organizing habits might seem tedious at first. But oh my gosh, it’s so worth it. 

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