Healthy Adaptogens You Need in Your Life

Oct 6, 2022WELL-BEING

The last few years have served-up some major stressors. From politics to natural disasters and everything in between, it’s fair to say we need a reprieve. And although we can’t control what happens on the outside, we can tap into healthy ways to control our insides — with healthy adaptogens.

Adaptogens are plant extracts that help our bodies resist the damaging effects of stress. They have the ability to enhance our T-cell activity that protects our liver, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve our digestion.

When we become stressed, adrenaline pumps into our bloodstream. Our hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis then triggers production of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Too much cortisol causes problems including hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue. 

Adaptogens are a natural way to help regulate cortisol spikes and encourage our adrenal glands to rest. 


Of course, drinking more water, eating whole foods, sweating every day and meditating helps manage stress. But adding adaptogens is the wellness secret sauce. These three are some of the best.


Ashwagandha soothes stress and anxiety. It’s an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


Reishi boosts your mood. It balances your immune system and regulates blood glucose levels.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane enhances focus. It contains bioactive substances beneficial to the brain, heart and gut.

Healthy Adaptogens You Need in Your Life - Julie Pedraza


Clevr Blends is a brand of all-natural, organic supplements and wellness products. The brand was founded with the goal of providing high-quality, sustainable, and effective products to support overall health and wellbeing.

One of the standout features of Clevr Blends products is their use of all-natural, organic ingredients. The brand sources its ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources, and uses a combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to create effective and safe products. This means that Clevr Blends products are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Another key benefit of Clevr Blends products is their effectiveness. The brand uses a combination of traditional herbal remedies and modern scientific research to create products that are designed to support specific health concerns. This includes a range of supplements for issues such as stress, immunity, energy and sleep.

In addition to their use of natural and effective ingredients, Clevr Blends is also committed to sustainability. The brand uses environmentally-friendly packaging, and is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting sustainable agriculture. This makes Clevr Blends products a great choice for consumers who are looking for natural and sustainable health and wellness solutions.

One of my favorite ways to add adaptogens to my day is with Clevr Blends SuperLattes. For starters, they’re delicious, gluten-free and have no refined sugars. They include oat milk, coconut cream, adaptogens and probiotics among other clean ingredients. All I have to do is add water for an indulging daily treat that’s chock full of healthy benefits. 

Clevr Blends SuperLattes have stellar reviews. And word on the street is that Oprah selected them as her Favorite Things again this year. Choose which of the seven flavors is your favorite: Chai, Matcha, Golden Turmeric, Coffee, Sleeptime, Mocha and Rose Cocoa and receive 15% off with code JULIE15.


Another adaptogenic brand I love is Moon Juice. My favorite Moon Juice supplement is SuperYou Stress Management. It contains a blend of four adaptogens that help alleviate emotional, mental, physical and hormonal stressors. Ashwagandha reduces irritability. Rhodiola reduces fatigue. Shatavari promotes hormonal balance. And Amla helps protect skin from oxidative stress. With more than 2,100 five-star reviews, it’s a crowd pleaser.

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I’ve seen a significant improvement in my health since I added adaptogens to my routine. My annual lab results showed no detectable inflammation compared to previous moderate-high results. And because these adaptogens taste like a treat, I consider that a win-win.

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