How to Create a Super Comfortable Living Room

Sep 7, 2022DESIGN

Living Room Design Inspiration, Espanyolet
The design of your living room can either encourage or inhibit relaxation. When a room is crowded, it causes sensory overload. Studies show minimal furniture and decor feels more relaxing because it gives our eyes the open space they need to rest.
Our living room is on the small side. It contains five pieces of furniture: a sofa, chair, ottoman, and two accent tables. Everything in the space is anchored by a seagrass rug. I chose seagrass because it’s super durable. When the boys and their buddies traipse through the house after swimming, seagrass is up to the task.

As for decor, we have a low-profile floor lamp, seven-foot dracaena, table-top snake plant and an acoustic guitar. I hung extra-large letters spelling ZEN on the wall. The entire space smells of Palo Santo. This earthy, less-is-more combination soothes the senses and defines comfortable living for us.


When creating a comfortable living room, the first step is to address functionality. Is the scale of your furniture balanced? Is it arranged in the most useful way? Is your seating comfortable? Take a moment to list the things you love about your living room and the things you’d like to change.
The next step is to search for living room design inspiration. Scan Pinterest. Collect images that depict your style and the level of comfort you seek. Hone in on one or two ideas you love most and build from there. This helps to avoid overwhelm by not biting off more than you can chew.
When I styled homes, a common mistake I noticed was that the interior design conflicted with the exterior design. It’s important to honor your home’s architecture. When the interior of your home contradicts the exterior, it creates aesthetic disconnect. To keep your design cohesive, work with its architectural details.

Design Tip: Use heirlooms for everyday purposes. Rummage through closets to find gems that remind you of special people and moments.

Casual Living Room Inspiration, Amber Lewis
Casual Living Room Inspiration, Nancy Scheinholtz
Living Room Design Inspiration, Your Space
Living Room Design Inspiration, Jodi Balfour
Most of us want our living room design to not only be comfortable, but to look effortless. The truth is, effortless-looking design often requires the most work. It’s easy to walk into a furniture store and order a matchy vanilla room. But, gradually layering your space with sensory soothing elements creates the most comfortable vibe. So, choose furniture and decor that makes you feel good. Aim for design that whispers, “G’head, get comfortable. Relax and stay awhile.” 

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