Kitchen Design Inspiration to Transform Your Home

Jun 21, 2022DESIGN

The latest kitchen design trends prove how our priorities have shifted. Current kitchen design inspiration focuses on creating spaces that are less fussy and more easygoing. Repurposed vintage elements oozing of character and sustainability are everywhere.

When it comes to kitchen design, there are countless ideas and possibilities to choose from. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or a small update, there is kitchen design inspiration that will pique your style and needs.

1. Modern kitchens are sleek and contemporary with clean lines, minimalistic details, and a neutral color palette. Modern kitchen designs often feature flat-panel cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and high-end finishes.

2. Farmhouse kitchens ar cozy and rustic with elements like wood beams, shiplap, and distressed finishes. Farmhouse kitchen designs often include features like apron-front sinks, exposed shelving, and brass hardware.

3. Mid-Century Modern kitchens are more retro with elements of 1950s and 1960s design. Mid-century modern kitchen designs often feature clean lines and geometric patterns.

4. Coastal kitchens are relaxed with elements of the beach and ocean. Coastal kitchen designs often feature natural materials like wood and stone. This is the design I chose for our kitchen design renovation

5. Traditional kitchens are timeless with elements like wood cabinetry, neutral colors, and natural materials. Traditional kitchen designs often include details like crown molding, furniture-style cabinetry, and decorative hardware.


Designing your dream kitchen can be exciting and overwhelming. You want to stay aligned with your personal preferences, but you also want to have your finger on the pulse of current trends. While it isn’t practical to latch onto every design trend you see on Pinterest, being aware of current design tones may help you formulate a plan.

The most notable current kitchen design inspiration veers away from polished kitchens. We’re gravitating toward a more casual, lived-in vibe. From vintage tables as kitchen islands to matte bronze hardware and handmade tiles, a sense of organic understatement is everywhere. The three distinct kitchen design trends that are the most widely embraced right now are natural elements, green tones and statement hoods.

Kitchen Design with Natural Elements

The love of bringing the outdoors in continues. From exposed beams to reclaimed table islands, homeowners are embracing natural elements. This includes my favorite kitchen island cherry-topper, large woven pendant lights.

Kitchen Design with Green Tones

In keeping with natural elements, neutral tones are here to stay—with an additional pop. The neutral kitchen design palette has been updated with green. Light oak cabinets and quartzite countertops will stick around. But, various shades of green on the kitchen island or backsplash are definitely in the mix.

Kitchen Design with Statement Hoods

Range hoods in 2022 are all about plaster, natural stone and metal. If you have a cabinetry hood and a decent budget, a new hood could be the lipstick your kitchen design needs.
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Kitchen Design Inspiration, Pendants -
Kitchen Design, Natural -
Kitchen Design, Green -

Today’s unique kitchen design involves juxtaposing modern with vintage. It’s about designing with comfort and soul, and creating a beautiful space to gather within the heart of your home.

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