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What’s your idea of a perfect kitchen? Mine is an organized space where family and friends gather on the fly for sips, snacks and snickers.

Most guests who step inside our home ask, “Where’s all your stuff?” I’m a Type A minimalist. I donate everything we don’t love or use, especially in the kitchen. Who needs five spatulas, two blenders, mismatched Tupperware and a partridge in a pear tree? Anything we haven’t used within three months is donated to someone who needs it.

Kitchen Design Pantry Organization
Kitchen Design Pantry Organization, Waypoint Living Spaces

My favorite tools for organizing my kitchen are canisters and baskets. Have you ever noticed how ugly commercial labels are? Transferring the contents from a retail box into a clear canister is much more aesthetically and organizationally appealing. Plus, you always know the level of your inventory.

Some of us weren’t blessed with a walk-in pantry with shelves reaching to the high heavens. So, we have to make the best of what we have.

I love utilizing floating shelves. I keep three coordinating canisters on my floating shelves alongside framed photos and potted succulents. It’s fulfilling to blend functionality with pleasing aesthetics.

Block some time this weekend to organize your kitchen. You’ll be happy you did. —xo

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