How to Smudge with Palo Santo and Sage

Feb 7, 2022WELL-BEING

Refreshing Palo Santo Smudging Bowl

The ancient tradition of energy cleansing is on the rise. Many newcomers to smudging with Palo Santo are adding it to their wellness regimen. I’ve been an enthusiastic believer in its creative magic for years. If you’re curious about how to refresh your home with Palo Santo, here’s everything you need to know.

Palo Santo translates to “holy wood.” It comes from a South American tree called Bursera graveolens. A cousin of frankincense and myrrh, its scent has notes of amber, citrus and a little spice. It’s a holistic energy neutralizer.
When you burn Palo Santo it’s called smudging. Smudging is the use of sacred plants to clear energy. There’s so much craziness in the world, many of us are searching for organic ways to remove bad energy and invite good energy. Smudging with sage and Palo Santo can be a soulful solution.


So, should you smudge with Palo Santo or sage? Sage comes from the Latin word ‘salvia’ which translates as ‘to heal.’ Smudging with sage has been practiced by Native Americans for generations. It’s known for improving mood and cognition and easing insomnia. A number of modern studies have shown that sage has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

Burning sage can bring forth wisdom and clarity. If you want to remove bad vibes, burn sage. Palo Santo offers clear energy while enhancing creativity. If you want to invite good vibes, smudge with Palo Santo. Sage and Palo Santo can be a feel-good one-two punch. Smudge with sage first to remove negativity. Afterward, smudge with Palo Santo to invite positivity.

Palo Santo Intention: Smoke of air and fire of earth. Bless and cleanse my heart and worth. Drive away all harm and fear. Only good may enter here.

I burn a Palo Santo stick or incense every morning to calm my mind, enhance creativity and welcome good vibes. It’s one of my favorite go-to grounding rituals. As with sage, smudging with Palo Santo involves lighting it with a match and letting it flicker for thirty seconds. Blow out the flame, wave around the smoldering stick, and then place it on a heatproof dish.

Palo Santo Sticks
Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo Patchouli Candle
Palo Santo oil contains a natural insecticide called limonene that deters mosquitoes, ants and flies. Limonene is also an anti-inflammatory that has mood-calming properties. It works great in a diffuser.

Palo Santo is a sacred plant that the South American government only allows to be harvested from deceased trees. This helps preserve the rich South American ecosystem. When you buy from indigenous-owned businesses who abide by these regulations, it ensures you’ll receive authentic Palo Santo. Authentic Palo Santo is full of good vibes. Inauthentic Palo Santo kills your vibe.

Even the happiest homes accumulate negative vibrations. Our bodies are full of positive and negative ions that help us survive. When we’re overworked, and who often isn’t, the negative ions trump the positive ones. This makes us lethargic. The metaphysical remedy can be smudging with sage and Palo Santo. If you haven’t yet tried Palo Santo, I highly encourage it. It’s a comforting meditative and creative ritual I’ve come to depend on. So, think of an intention, light it up, and let them do the rest. —xo

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