How to Refresh Your Home with Sage and Palo Santo

Nov 10, 2022DESIGN

Sage and Palo Santo have been used for centuries to purify and cleanse homes. If you find the energy of your space feels stagnant or unbalanced, it might be time to refresh your home with some sage and Palo Santo. I’ll walk you through the simple process of smudging with these herbs to bring positive energy into your space.

Smudging with sage and Palo Santo is like a one-two punch. Want to remove bad vibes? Smudge with sage. Want to invite good vibes? Smudge with Palo Santo. To fully refresh your home, smudge with sage first to eliminate the negative energy. Then, smudge with Palo Santo to invite the positive energy.

The word sage means “to heal.” Sage is used to clear negative energy, promote healing and protect against negative influences. It grows naturally between Santa Barbara and Northern Baja California. 

Palo Santo means “holy wood.” It is used to promote peace, tranquility and spiritual connection. Palo Santo comes from a protected tree in South America. To preserve the rich South American ecosystem, it can only be harvested from deceased trees.


The process of smudging is simple. Light a sage wand or Palo Santo incense/stick and allow it to flicker a few seconds. Blow out the flame, wave the smoke throughout the room, and place it on a heatproof dish. Sometimes I recite the following intention:

“Smoke of air and fire of earth. Bless and cleanse my heart and worth. Drive away all harm and fear. Only good may enter here.”

You can access quality resources via my Etsy Sage and Palo Santo collection. You’ll find smudging kits, incense, sticks and candles. They’re sensory balancing necessities to refresh your home.

How to Refresh Your Home with Sage and Palo Santo - Julie Pedraza

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