Do you sometimes feel lousy after eating certain foods? Food sensitivity could be the culprit. After playing the role of dietary detective for weeks, I was shocked to discover which foods my son was eating daily that were making him sick. 

Food sensitivities cause gastrointestinal disturbance when our immune system has an antibody reactivity to certain foods. Symptoms include: nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn and headaches. Alternatively, food allergies can cause: hives, shortness of breath, chest pain and anaphylaxis. The purpose of this article is to address food sensitivities.

The most common food sensitivities are lactose and casein (milk), gluten (wheat, rye and barley), eggs, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

My son has had digestive issues since he was born. We took him to several specialists who conducted extensive tests, some terribly painful. There are few things more concerning than a Mom witnessing her tiny baby receiving a barium enema. Google it. Or don’t. No, definitely don’t. I still have PTSD.

We exhausted every medical resource at our disposal trying to determine why he was suffering. Sadly, none of the specialists identified the source of his digestive distress. I decided to take matters into my own hands, scouring blogs and books for answers.

I learned the first step to tackle digestive issues is an elimination diet. Despite doctors telling us they ruled out lactose intolerance, I decided to remove cow’s milk. Twenty-four hours after removing cow’s milk from his diet, my little boy’s severe cramping and diarrhea was gone.


Fast forward to present day. After being quarantined for more than a year, my high school son is catching up with friends over fast food when the same digestive symptoms recur, but this time more severe.

I called five gastroenterologists who were booked for months. How would I curb his pain until he could see a specialist? A boy can drink only so much bone broth. In desperation, I ordered an Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test. Within three days the results were in.

The culinary culprits? Gluten, almonds, cow’s milk, and eggs. My son was consuming eggs, protein shakes with almond milk, almond butter sandwiches, yogurt with almond granola, and a handful of almonds as a snack. My poor baby’s food sensitivities were ripping his digestive tract apart.

My grocery list looks much different today. We’re gluten-free and almond-free which isn’t easy because many gluten-free products are made with almond flour. It’s a process. And Mama Bear is up to the task. —xo

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