Home Office Inspiration, Room for Tuesday

Our home has one dedicated office. My husband gets dibs because he needs a private space to focus and conduct Google Meets. Our teenager has a workspace in his room, too. At the onset of the pandemic, I realized our ten-year-old would need his own virtual learning workspace.

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon ideas for an office of my own. Considering I don’t have any rooms left in our home to add an office for myself, this was a nonsensical pipe dream.

If I had more space, I’d love a creative cubby to nest and write. I fantasize about a small space with a large window, soothing textures and patterns, and lots of plants and fluffy dog beds. Floating shelves for books and a floor to ceiling dream board would be icing on the cake.


Home Office Inspiration
Home Office Inspiration, Domino

Back to reality, Jules: Kid’s Workspace. At ten, my son isn’t a baby nor is he a teenager. My goal was to design an age appropriate workspace that encourages focus and creativity. I drew inspiration from these two Pinterest finds.

Kids Workspace, Studio Aubergine
Kids' Workspace, Sunny Side Design

Ultimately, I think designing a home office and kids’ workspace with thoughtful organization is the key to productive success. It’s exactly what my son needed to cultivate a healthy homeschool experience. And a wobble stool—total game changer for my fidgety little boy. —xo