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Aug 30, 2021DESIGN

Home Office Inspiration, Room for Tuesday

Your home office should be comfortable enough to spend all day in. It should also be minimal enough to keep you focused. And it should be interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing. If you’re unsure where to start, I’m sharing five tips to inspire your home office design. And some kids’ workspace inspo, to boot.

Our home has one dedicated office. My husband gets dibs because he needs a private space to focus and have meetings. Our teenager has a workspace in his room. My youngest son has been homeschooling since the start of the pandemic. I had to get crafty to create a workspace for him, too.

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon ideas for a cozy home office of my own. Considering I don’t have any rooms left in our home to add an office for myself, this is a nonsensical pipe dream. But, I’m gonna dream anyway.


The Desk.

In any home office design, the desk should be the star of the show. If your home office has a window, position the desk facing the window. With any home office design, the desk positioning counts. No window? Coordinate an interesting gallery wall chock full of photos and art you love. My husband loves vintage photos of Mexican banditos. So, I created a vertical gallery wall of Pancho Villa and his crew. No matter how stressful his day may be, the gallery wall brings a smile to his face.

The Chair.

The second most important detail is an ergonomic chair. Try not to stress over cost. In the long run, comfortable seating is worth every dime.


Designing a home office with thoughtful organization is key to productive success. Consider what you’re putting in your space and whether it actually needs to be there. Digital filing systems like Dropbox are much more functional than piles of files. Give your eyes a place to rest during a busy day.


Plants brighten up a space. They freshen-up a room. They have the power to keep you and your space energized. Some plants, like snake plants, have the ability to cleanse the air.


If your office feels dull, paint it. The one room you can get away with bold color is the office. Get creative. Small spaces in bold colors have so much character. Consider a shade of green as it’s nature’s color for energy.

Home Office Inspiration
Home Office Inspiration, Domino

Back to reality, Jules. Focus. Kids’ Workspace


My youngest son isn’t a baby nor is he a teenager. The goal was to design an age appropriate workspace for him that encourages focus and creativity. His bedroom is small, so we went with a narrow desk. He has enough room for a desktop and writing space. He keeps his binders and supplies on an adjacent closet shelf. His walls have a collage of learning posters. And for the love of fidgety little boys, we bought a Wobble Stool. Have you heard of these? They’re amazing for channeling little boy energy. The examples below were the perfect kids’ workspace design inspiration.

Kids Workspace, Studio Aubergine
Kids' Workspace, Sunny Side Design

Your home office design and your kids’ workspace design should foster focus and creativity. It’s important to make it functional and comfortable. Adding feel-good energy with pops of personality is the cherry on top. Happy designing!

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