The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Jan 31, 2022WELL-BEING

Healthy Home Swaps - Cleaning Products

I’ve read a lot about the toxic effects of mainstream cleaning products. This prompted my search for the best non-toxic cleaning products to use in our home. And I found a line of products that are the perfect healthy home swaps.

Have you heard of endocrine disruptors? Most mainstream products are chock full parabens and phthalates. These are endocrine disruptors. This means while we’re cleaning our homes, we’re potentially harming our hormones and health. No bueno. But, the good news is there are healthy alternatives.
The best non-toxic cleaning products I’ve found are by Puracy. Puracy’s products have no harsh chemicals and they’re not tested on animals. They’ve created some of the safest products you can use to clean your home. Puracy offers several products, from dish soap to pet shampoo. These are a few of my favorites.


Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent
Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap
Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent
Puracy Body Wash

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Every Puracy formula is plant-powered, biodegradable, and at least 99.3% natural. And their labels are transparent, outlining every single ingredient. My favorite thing about Puracy is that they offer their products in refill pouches. Replenishing your products this way helps to save more than 90% in plastic, water and energy. And the bottled products they offer are recyclable. This means less plastic to overwhelm our environment. 

I like my products like I like my people — nontoxic.

When you make healthy home swaps, you’re one step closer to well-being. Thanks to Puracy for delivering clean cleaning products. And for cleaning our health and the health of our environment.

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