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Many mainstream products we use in our homes and on our bodies contain toxic ingredients. While researching healthier alternatives, I discovered 3 Healthy Home Swaps we should all make to live cleaner and healthier lives. Swap-in these healthy alternatives. You’ll be glad you did.



Healthy Home Swaps, Baggu Bags

Healthy Home Swap #1 – Plastic

Most of us have heard of the chemicals BPA and Phthalates. BPA can be found in plastic water bottles and canned goods. Phthalates can be found in soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, nail polish, perfume, detergents and food packaging. Both have been linked to cancer, infertility and heart disease.

To minimize BPA and Phthalates exposure, it’s important we stay away from plastic products unless they’re marked BPA free. And never microwave food in plastic containers as the phthalates can leach into the food.

Another great way to keep plastic out of our environment is to swap plastic shopping bags with reusable bags. I’ve used Baggu recycled nylon ripstop bags for years. They hold 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff (up to fifty pounds), fit in your purse, are machine washable and are offered in multiple colors and patterns.

Healthy Home Swaps, Sweet Water Decor

Healthy Home Swap #2 – Artificial Fragrance

Many common household cleaning products, personal care products, and air fresheners contain artificial fragrances with phthalates. Detergents, lotions, lip gloss, candles and incense are among the worst offenders.

Scientists have found phthalates wreak havoc on our bodies and are linked to thyroid issues, cancer and birth defects. So, it’s important to read labels to ensure the products you buy are phthalate-free.

I personally use Mineral Fusion makeup, Avalon Organics lotion and Magsol Organics natural deodorant, to name a few of my favorite healthy swaps.

And if you’re a candle connoisseur, buy soy or vegetable wax candles, not paraffin. Paraffin wax creates highly toxic benzene and toluene, the same toxins found in diesel fuel. Ugh.

My favorite soy candles are by Sweet Water Decor. And I’m ashamed to admit how many of their BPA-free and glass dispenser bottles I’ve purchased. Their hand soap, dish soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion dispenser bottles add a sweet touch to your kitchen and bath.

Healthy Home Swaps, Always Pan

Healthy Home Swap #3 – Non-Stick Cookware

When heated, non-stick cookware releases fifteen toxic gases and chemicals, including two carcinogens. These toxins can potentially leach into the food we prepare. Yuck.

I hope you’ll consider swapping-out your non-stick cookware containing PFOA, PFAS, PFOS, PFBS, if you haven’t already, and replace them with healthier non-stick ceramic coated cookware or cast iron.

Check out the Always Pan. It’s a nonstick pan made with ceramic coating free of toxic chemicals. I received one over the holidays and I’ve used it every day since.

My tried and true resource to find non-toxic household and personal care products is the Environmental Working Group. Their database provides a plethora of healthy home swaps. I discovered Mineral Fusion, Avalon Organics and Magsol Organics thanks to EWG.

Ultimately, optimizing our well-being means we have to make healthy home swaps by kicking plastic, artificial fragrance and nonstick cookware to the curb. There are much better alternatives to choose for healthier living. -xo

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