5 Tips to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Aug 6, 2023DESIGN

One of my favorite home decor projects is our gallery wall. Lucky for me, my grandma preserved a ton of old family photos. I love scanning our generational “wall of fame” with my boys. We talk about what kind of people their ancestors were and what their lives must have been like. Gallery walls are the perfect way to share the people, places and cherished items that are important to you.

A gallery wall is a creative and eye-catching way to display artwork and other decorations in your home. It’s about creating a visually appealing and cohesive display.

Long before you hang your gallery wall, gather the items you want to display. This can include artwork, prints, photographs, and other decorative items. Once you have your items, decide on a general layout for the wall. This can include the overall size and shape of the display.

Next, arrange the items on the floor or a large surface to get a sense of the overall layout. Play around with different arrangements and try to create a balanced and visually appealing display

My favorite space to install a gallery wall is the dining room. It’s the perfect area to honor those you love. I used family photos, but there is a ton of gallery wall inspiration to choose from. Hanging a collection of kids’ art, pages from your favorite books or even sheet music can make a big impact. 

If you’re thinking about hanging a gallery wall of your own, here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose gallery wall frames.

Choose a frame color palette. Will you use all black frames or a combination? Gallery walls with no more than three frame colors look best. I prefer these frames I found on Etsy.

2. Tape-off your gallery wall.

Before you begin nailing, measure and tape-off a box around your gallery wall area. Keep in mind, you’ll want to leave between 2-3″ of space between each frame.

 3. Use frame templates to configure your gallery wall.

Coordinate your gallery wall configuration on the floor first. If you want to avoid making Swiss cheese out of your wall, outline each frame on poster board or art paper. Tape the cut-out to the wall and then nail through it. This is more time consuming, but leaves much less room for error.

4. Hang large frames first.

If you’re using several sizes, hang the largest piece first, a bit off-center. If you’re hanging a grid, grab your level to ensure your frames are straight. As you hang the items, pay attention to the overall composition of the display. Try to create visual balance.

5. Hang the second to largest frames on each side of the large one.

Hang the two second largest frames on opposing sides of the first. This will help balance your gallery wall. Fill-in the empty space with smaller frames.

Helpful Hint: If you move, remember to take a photo of your gallery wall before packing up. This has saved my hide many times.

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Gallery Wall Inspiration, Copenhagen Wilderness
Gallery Wall Inspiration by Studio McGee - Julie Pedraza

“When hanging a series of frames together, keep the gap between them 2–2.5″. And keep 9″ between the art and the tops of sofas and chairs.”  —Milly De Cabrol

Creating pockets of joy around our homes is the ultimate goal, right? Gallery walls are the perfect way to do that. So, gather your photos, kids’ artwork and pages from your favorite book. And start telling your story with a creative gallery wall.

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