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Jul 21, 2022WELL-BEING

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Do you ever wonder what motivates people to react in certain ways? Turns out, discovering our Enneagram type can glean some insight. The Enneagram represents nine personality types. Each type has a dominant set of behaviors, motivations and fears. These traits shape how we respond to life experiences. 

Researchers traced the origins of the Enneagram to South American philosopher Oscar Ichazo. His Enneagram typing is comparable to the Myers-Briggs test. Both tests help pinpoint an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. 

You might recognize traits of each Enneagram type within yourself. In fact, we each have characteristics of all nine types. But, we emerge from childhood with one dominant type.

“The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re already in and how to get out of it.”

—Ian Cron


Type 1

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Type Ones’ core value is integrity. They are ethical and follow the rules. They strive for perfection and are often judgemental of themselves and others.

Type 2

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Type Twos’ core value is altruism. They are giving, motivated by the need to feel worthy. They place others’ needs before their own often neglecting themselves.

Type 3

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Type Threes’ core value is productivity. They are  hardworking and fear failure. Image-conscious, they attach their worth to their accomplishments.

Type 4

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Type Fours’ core value is authenticity. They are creative and strive to be unique. They fear being ordinary and can be moody and self-absorbed.

Type 5

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Type Fives’ core value is freedom. Deep thinkers, they  strive to learn. They are private and often struggle to connect with others.

Type 6

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Type Sixes’ core value is trust. Motivated by the need for security, they prepare for any crisis. They often struggle with self-doubt.

Type 7

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Type Sevens’ core value is variety. They are fun-loving and adventurous. They keep themselves busy to avert any emotional discomfort.

Type 8

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Type Eights’ core value is power. Their motivation is controlling others. Enjoying confrontation, they’re driven to get what they want.

Type 9

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Type Nines’ core value is contribution. They value peace and harmony and avoid conflict. Accommodating, they often ignore their own needs.

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The Enneagram triads are: Heart Types, Head Types, and Gut Types. Twos, Threes and Fours operate from their hearts. Fives, Sixes and Sevens operate from their heads. Eights, Nines and Ones operate from their guts.

You might think you’ve already identified your type. Not so fast. I thought for sure I was a Four. It turns out, I’m a Two. It’s important to take the test to uncover your authentic Enneagram type. There are many Enneagram tests offered online. Most testing sites ask for payment. I prefer the Personality Path test because it’s brief and free. 

Take the test for fun, if nothing else. If it piques your interest and you’re seeking a deeper dive, read The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. Between the Enneagram test and the book, you’ll have an insightful map on your road to self-discovery.

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