DIY Candle Kits Anyone Can Make

Jun 15, 2022DESIGN

Few things soothe our senses like the calming glow and unique aroma of candles. I have candles in every room of our home. I light them when I feel overstimulated and need to channel calm. If candles are a part of your soothing ritual, you’re going to love DIY candle kits. They’re a creative, sustainable and affordable alternative to overpriced mass-produced candles.

One of the main benefits of DIY candle kits is the ability to create custom candles that are tailored to your personal preferences. With a DIY candle kit, you can pair your chosen scent with a candle vessel that is reflective of your unique taste.

Another benefit of DIY candle kits is the cost savings. Instead of buying pre-made candles, which can be expensive, a DIY candle kit allows you to create your own candles at a fraction of the cost.

When you buy mass-produced candles, you don’t contemplate the litany of jars winding up in landfills. When I tossed yet another empty candle jar, it occured to me there must be a better way. As it turns out, there is a much better way to do candles.


Contrary to what you might be thinking, DIY candle kits are simple and mess-free. I made three candles in less than ten minutes and it required no in-depth labor or major clean-up. All you need is the candle kit, microwave and an empty container of your choice.

You can find my favorite soy wax candle kits on Etsy. They’re offered in two sizes: 8 oz. and 16 oz. The large bag costs $16. The small bag costs $8. Both candle kits include cotton wicks.

The first step to making your candles, is to cut open the bag of wax and pop it in the microwave. While the wax is melting, adhere the wicks to your container with the provided adhesive stickers. I use two pencils bound by rubber bands to hold the wicks in place. 

Next, pour the melted wax into the prepared container and allow it to solidify. The candles I made from each bag were slow-burning and lasted for hours and hours.

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There’s something satisfying about hand-pouring warm scented wax into my favorite artisanal containers. Try it. Your soul will like it. 

So, choose your favorite scent from the plethora they offer. Gather some artsy containers. Flex your creative muscles. And while you enjoy the fruits of your labor, pat your sustainable self on the back. —Look at you go. You’re so damn lit.

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