Clean Fine Fragrance — Why Natural is the Way to Go

Dec 15, 2022STYLE

I have good news and bad news about perfumes. The bad news is that almost all the fragrances advertised today contain toxic ingredients. The good news is that I found a clean fragrance that smells as good as it is for you, and it was founded by an actress you most likely know and love.

It’s important to note that every product we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, which is why using beauty products with synthetic fragrances can be so harmful to our health.

Perfumes that contain synthetic substances typically list three ingredients: water, alcohol, and fragrance. However, “fragrance” is a loaded word, and companies are not required to list the toxic ingredients they use. This means that 95% of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances contain petroleum (crude oil).

While the EU and Canada have banned 1,400 chemicals from personal care products, our FDA only restricts 11. By choosing products made with non-toxic ingredients, you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and set yourself up for a healthier future.

Clean Fragrance Perfume - Julie Pedraza


Henry Rose is a clean fragrance brand founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, offering high-quality, sustainable and transparent fragrances. Unlike most traditional perfumes, Henry Rose avoids using more than 5,000 potentially harmful chemicals, and instead uses plant-based extracts, essential oils, and natural aroma molecules in their fragrances. All Henry Rose products are EWG Verified, ensuring they meet strict standards for transparency and health.

One of the unique features of Henry Rose is their transparency in disclosing ingredients used in each fragrance. They provide detailed information about sourcing and production, empowering customers to make informed decisions about the products they use. The brand offers a variety of clean fragrances for both men and women, including eau de parfums, roll-on perfumes, and scented candles. The scents are designed to be versatile and suitable for everyday wear, featuring a range of floral, spicy, and woody notes.


Finding the perfect scent for you has never been easier with Henry Rose. You can either complete their fragrance finder questionnaire or purchase the Discovery Set to sample all of their fragrances. By choosing the Discovery Set, you can try out all of the scents and receive a $20 credit towards the purchase of a full-size fragrance.

Selecting a fine fragrance that resonates with your personal taste is a subjective decision. However, opting for a brand that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients is a smart choice.

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