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Most of us are spending a majority of time working and playing from home. And with that, we’re leaning toward a casual lifestyle more than ever. So how do we align our personal style with this new way of life? We curate a creative wardrobe of casual outfits for our new normal.

Casual Outfits For Our New Normal

Like many, I’m aiming for comfort without frump. After fifty trips around the sun and embracing the laid back SoCal vibe, I feel I’ve cornered the market on casual. And at this stage of the game, if it’s not casual and comfortable, it’s gonna be a no from me, Dogg.


There’s no better time than now to get our wardrobes in tip-top shape. Out with the old style, in with our new normal style. Let the casual outfits for our new normal transition begin.

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The next time you’re in your closet, ask yourself, “Are these pieces a true reflection of my personality? Do they each fit properly? Do the fabrics feel good? Do the colors jive with my complexion? And do the patterns compliment my frame?” Each and every piece in your closet should make you feel comfortable and be-you-tiful.

Let’s be real, Lululemon offers the motherload of comfortable and casual clothes. Their Align Pants are the softest, most comfy bottoms to have ever blessed my backside. But, there are times I don’t want to acknowledge I’ve worn them every day for a week without doing a single pose of yoga.


So when I’m feeling the need to up my casual fashion game, I reach for wide-leg jeans, a comfy tee and unique handmade jewelry. Simply layering feel-good staples with interesting accessories takes our personal style game from frumpy pandemic to stylistically alchemic. -xo

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