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The last eighteen months have taught us to create lives that are simple yet significant. I’m totally leaning into the less is more and quality over quantity mindset. After fifty-one trips around the sun and embracing the laid back SoCal vibe, I feel I’ve cornered the market on casual. At this point in time, I have zero desire to dress up. That’s why I’m focussed on curating creative and casual outfits for our new normal.

Did you become addicted to casual athleisure wear during quarantine? I know I did. I still have to remind myself there is a time and a place for tees and leggings. For me, that’s just about all the time and every place. Leggings are the comfiest bottoms to have ever blessed my backside. But, I realize there are times I need to ramp-up my look. The catch is how to look casually together without sacrificing the comfort.

Casual Style Inspiration, Sincerely Jules
Casual Style Inspiration, Chon & Chon
Casual Style Inspiration, James Michelle

“Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.”

—Iris Apfel


There are days when I look at my wardrobe and think, meh. That’s when I know it’s time to empty the closet, make yes, no and maybe piles, and try on the maybes for a more definitive answer. The maybes might not make me feel great anymore, in which case they’ll be passed along to someone who will love them more than me. 

Besides, too many clothing options can be stressful, especially if most of your clothes aren’t comfortable or flattering. Creating a wardrobe with a minimal collection of tried and true pieces in the colors and silhouettes you love beautifully simplifies the styling process.

And I think it’s important to acknowledge that keeping clothes that don’t fit us is not what some might call motivation. Staring at those too-small jeans actually causes stress, anxiety, and triggers all kinds of negative self-talk. So, get rid of the clothes that no longer fit you. And don’t buy new ones in any size other than the one you currently wear. We’re not supposed to fit into clothes; our clothes are supposed to fit us.

That pair of jeans you haven’t fit into in over a year? Donate them. The goal dress you bought to motivate you? Donate it. When clothes don’t fit, trash them, not yourself.

So, how does your current wardrobe make you feel? When I’m feeling meh about mine, I step into my closet, literally place my hands on each and every piece, and ask these five simple questions:

1.  Does this reflect my personality?

2.  Does this fit properly?

3.  How does this fabric make me feel?

4.  Does this color jive with my complexion?

5.  Does this pattern compliment my frame?

By asking ourselves these questions and honing our options, we save money by buying only the pieces that make us feel and look great. And we save time because getting dressed is a simplified and rewarding experience. Each and every piece in your closet should make you feel be-you-tiful. And if they don’t, consider passing them along to someone who would enjoy them.

Casual living is my jam. This includes my wardrobe. For me, it’s all about keeping it simple with creative and relaxed staples. I want to feel good inside and out. No muss, no fuss. How about you? Five simple questions will get you there.

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