Personal style is about our clothes, but it’s also about the color and cut of our hair, the make-up we apply, and our individualistic mannerisms. Some prefer super-trendy looks while others gravitate toward classic and timeless. There is no stylistic right or wrong. What’s important is that you stay true to you.

The thought of too many clothing options stresses me out, especially if most of them don’t feel good or flatter me. So, my wardrobe consists of a minimal collection of flowy tops, jeans, dusters, maxi dresses, Birkenstocks and clogs. I honed-in on my own personal style by crafting three simple questions:

1.  Is this comfortable?

2.  Are these colors flattering?

3.  Does this pattern compliment my frame?

Pairing down our options ensures we save time by not trying on ten options before collapsing in tears. We save money by buying only the pieces that feel and look great. And more importantly, we save our sanity because every single thing in our closet makes us happy. Style shouldn’t be a painful chore. It should be simple, comfortable, creative and fun. —xo