8 Straw Hats to Wear All Summer Long

Are you a hat person? If so, are hats your go-to for style, sun protection or both? Thanks to a wide range of silhouettes and playful designs, there are hats that tick the fashion and practicality boxes. I recently shopped around and gathered-up my favorite 8 straw...

Casual Fashion Inspiration

The past year taught many of us a valuable lesson: Create a life that is simple yet significant. That goes for fashion, too. By embracing the less is more concept, we’re transitioning from high maintenance style to comfortable and casual outfits for our new normal.

Personal style isn’t just about the clothes we put on our bodies. It’s also about the creative accessories we layer, the color and cut of our hair, and the make-up we choose to apply. There is no right or wrong with personal style. Some prefer super-trendy looks while others gravitate toward classic and timeless. It’s okay to play around with it. The only rule of thumb with personal style is that you stay completely true to you.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

My personal style can be summed up in a capsule wardrobe of tees, jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, Birkenstocks, clogs and maxi dresses. This is my personal style happy place. The thought of fussing over too many options stresses me out. Especially if 80% of them don’t feel good or flatter me.



The three questions I ask myself when shopping and/or getting dressed are:

Is this fabric comfortable?

Do these colors flatter my skin tone?

Does this pattern compliment my frame?

If I give myself three nods, I cha-ching it and call it a day!


So, if you feel you haven’t quite honed-in on your personal style happy place, try to curate your own capsule wardrobe. Start with a few comfortable staples in your most flattering colors and patterns. Then, top them off with soul satisfying accessories. Mix and match to your heart’s desire. -xo