How to Release the Shame of Being Shamed

Few of us have come this far in life without experiencing some form of trauma. Many of us have suffered in silence due to our shame. But, I discovered there is light on the other side of healing. Sharing Trauma and How Our Bodies Keep the Score was humiliating. I felt...

Trauma and How Our Bodies Keep the Score

There's a scientific connection between trauma and mental, emotional and physical health. And there’s no time limit on when it might rear its ugly horns. Addressing our traumatic experiences before they manifest into serious health issues is crucial. The good news is...

A Tribute to Grandma – The Woman Who Loved Me Most

This is a tribute to my grandma, the woman who loved me most. It's the story of our special connection and my healing after losing her. I hope our story inspires you to reminisce about your loved ones and share a few tears and giggles along the way. (Image Above: My...


Life tosses adversity our way so we can use it for good. My childhood was full of pain and shame. My adulthood is full of measure and pleasure. After years of hard work and healing, I realize there is no ‘getting over’ trauma. It changes us forever, creating our new normal. My new normal is about sharing and sparing others from the suffering I endured. Hurt people hurt people. Healing people heal people.

“Every time someone loves themselves better, builds their self-awareness, understands their patterns, improves their ability to communicate and expands their compassion for others, the future of humanity grows brighter.”

—Yung Pueblo