My Favorite Books – A List of Must-Reads

I escaped into favorite books as a child. The sensation of turning each page transported me to a happier existence. I was a voracious reader. My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Hawkins, once sent a concerning note home. It read, "Julie is clearly exhausted. I'm worried...

Childhood Trauma and the Journey Toward Healing

I endured childhood trauma at the hands of a mentally ill mother. The residual effects of that trauma morphed into years of physical illness. There is a proven scientific connection between trauma and mental, emotional and physical health. And there are ways to begin...

Enneagram Types in a Nutshell – Which Are You?

Learning about Enneagram types has helped me unravel why people react the way they do. I'm a novice, but between my Enneagram-versed hairstylist and Influencer, Enneagram with Abbey, I'll be an expert in no time. This statement reveals my Enneagram personality, which...

Shame – How to Tame It and Release Emotional Baggage

Few of us have come this far in life without experiencing some form of trauma. Many of us have suffered in silence due to our shame. But, I discovered there is light on the other side of healing. Sharing Trauma and How Our Bodies Keep the Score was humiliating. I felt...


Life tosses adversity at all of us. We can choose to deny our wounds or shine a light on them. I believe our hardships should be used to help others. This won’t help us ‘get over’ our trauma because trauma changes us forever, creating our new normal. My new normal is about sharing how I overcame the worst chapter of my life and learned to break the cycle. Hurt people hurt people. Healing people heal.

Sharing your personal story can be a powerful way to connect with others and potentially inspire them to do the same. By opening up and sharing something that is deeply raw and vulnerable, we allow others to see an authentic side of us. This helps others feel less alone, especially in their own traumatic experiences.

When sharing my personal stories, I want to be mindful of the people involved. I realize sharing my perspective could impact or hurt them. It’s important to be respectful of their privacy, so I’ve chosen to use pseudonyms rather than real names.

My priority in telling my story is to impart healing insight and wisdom to anyone who has had a similar experience. The painful details of my story might grab your attention, but it’s the lessons I learned that are the real takeaway.

If you haven’t shared your personal story, I encourage you to do so. Consider reaching out to a family member, a friend, or a therapist you trust. Connecting with someone in a vulnerable way might be the catharticism you need.

“Every time someone loves themselves better, builds their self-awareness, understands their patterns, improves their ability to communicate and expands their compassion for others, the future of humanity grows brighter.”

—Yung Pueblo