Biophilic Home Design – 5 Steps to a Healthy Refuge

Mar 20, 2023DESIGN

Did you know there is a way to reduce stress and improve well-being with a specific home design? It’s called biophilic home design and it involves using natural elements to create healthy living spaces. Research shows this type of design can help reduce stress, foster productivity, and improve our overall health.

As humans, we have an inherent need for nature. Sunlight and fresh air are essential for enhancing our feel-good serotonin levels. However, modern lifestyles often require us to spend more time indoors than we would like. Luckily, biophilic design can help us bring the positive effects of nature inside our homes. Below, you’ll find five tips to create your own biophilic home design.


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1. Natural light is much healthier than artificial lighting. Excessive exposure to artificial lighting can disrupt your natural circadian rhythms and negatively impact your mood, sleep, and health. Letting in natural light is easy – just open your window shades in the morning and light candles at night to sync your circadian rhythm.

2. Fresh air is essential for boosting your immune system, but indoor air pollution caused by modern living factors can have a detrimental effect on your respiratory health and overall well-being. When possible, open your windows to let fresh air flow throughout your living space.

3. Adding live plants to each room of your home can help purify indoor air, which is important because most cleaning supplies and beauty products we use are filled with toxic chemicals that linger. Succulents, air plants, and Dracaenas are all easy to maintain and make great natural air purifiers.

4. Colors elicit different moods and emotions. Neutral tones, such as earthy shades of terracotta, sage, and ivory, promote rest and relaxation, while bold colors can make it difficult to relax. 

5. Wood, stone, and natural woven decor can create a calming and grounding effect. Incorporating wood furniture, stone tabletops, and natural fiber rugs is a great way to achieve this.

“Nature has a profound impact on our well-being. Bringing it into our living spaces through biophilic design can improve our physical, emotional and cognitive health.” 

—Amanda Sturgeon, International Living Future Institute


If you’re looking for biophilic home decor, Etsy is one of my favorite resources. This site has a wide variety of unique and artisanal finds. Click the image below for shoppable biophilic home decor and more.

Etsy Biophilic Home Design - Julie Pedraza

By incorporating natural elements into your home, you can positively impact both your physical and mental well-being. Utilizing biophilic home decor can reduce stress, improve mood and creativity, and enhance cognitive function. Simply adding the natural elements of biophilic design to your living space can help you maintain a consistent connection with nature, while also reaping its many enriching benefits.

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