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Hi, I’m Julie. Habitual organizer, loyal partner and proud mama living in Southern California. Welcome to my happy place. At my core, I’m a boy-mommin’ and dog-lovin’ homebody. And I’ll be the first to admit living with five males, two with tails, can be exhausting. I’ve found the key to almost everything in life is balance.


Within our home’s design, that means balancing the scale of our furniture and decor to practically and aesthetically suit our lifestyle. Within my personal style, balance means jeans and Birkenstocks because I’m a comfort-lovin’ boheme. And when it comes to food and health, pairing delicious balanced meals with a manageable fitness routine that doesn’t bore me to tears is crucial.


I’ve balanced our home with layers of soothing textures, earth-tones and calming motifs. I keep it über-casual because… boys. I love the feel of sisal under my feet, fluffy dog beds in every room, and the words ZEN and OM hanging on my walls. Spending a few moments each day to balance our home’s energy, including burning sage and Palo Santo, creates an environment that makes it easier to channel calm.

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The purpose of this space is to share the design, style, and food and health techniques I’ve learned and successfully applied to my life. My mission is to help those seeking a feel-good lifestyle, too.


My boys describe this space as my little piece of real estate, an expressive corner of the world where I can connect without it asking me to make it a sandwich. Yes. It. Is. But, it’s also a space where we can connect and learn, create and share with one another. So, thank you for being here. I hope your experience is special. I’m excited to share it with you. -xo


Julie and Husband

He’s hilarious, humble, kind and extremely private. He taught me stability, security, and a little Spanish. I suspect he has Tourette’s. He sings to me whether or not I want him to. The night we met, I spilled a cocktail all over him. Gave him my business card to pay for his dry cleaning. Twenty years later, I still haven’t paid for the dry cleaning.

Julie's Sons

They are boys and that’s where the similarities end. One is analytical and reserved (Virgo). The other is peace-loving and carefree (Libra). They’ve taught me patience, the truest sense of love, and that I’m significantly less intelligent than I thought.

Julie's Dogs

Georgi and Bodhi are the rescues who rescued our hearts. One is all good. The other, up to no good. They’re Jake and Elwood, Lloyd and Harry, Brennan and Dale. Sophomoric movie characters through and through. If you happen to be thinking about adopting a dog, Schnoodles and Schnauzadors are highly recommended.


Organization How To

Organization How To

The key to organization is eliminating the visual noise so the pieces you love and use are allowed to shine. The...