Julie Pedraza, Author

Hi, I’m Julie. I’m an Aries sun, Pisces moon, Cancer rising, and Enneagram 2w1 living in soulful Southern California. Throughout this site, I share simple yet significant ways to design, style, and live well. If you’re craving a more relaxed and easygoing lifestyle, you’ve come to the perfect place. Grab a chai and get cozy. I have lots to share with you.



My home is designed around our family’s rough-and-tumble lifestyle. I keep it casual with layers of soothing textures and calming motifs because… boys. I love the feel of seagrass under my feet, fluffy dog beds in every room, and the spatial relief of scaled-down decor. I spend a few moments each day balancing the energy of our home with sage and Palo Santo. This helps channel the calm we all need.


My personal style is based on comfort. I gravitate toward classic staples layered with unique accessories. At this phase of life, I’ve decided there is zero need to sacrifice comfort for style. In addition, too many choices overwhelm me, so I keep my wardrobe as effortless as possible. I know which silhouettes, patterns and colors feel good and I stick to them as a matter of simplicity.


I’ve struggled with PCOS, infertility, diverticulosis and menopause. Learning which food and health habits encourage my well-being has been a game changer. I don’t count calories or eat low-fat. I do limit preservative-laden packaged foods and seed oils. Eating whole foods, moving every day, and grounding with meditative moments keeps my motor running.


I’m on an emotionally healing journey. As my mother’s only child, I endured the unspeakable. I kept my trauma a secret for many years. Choosing to journal the ebb and flow of my healing has helped me release the intense shame I felt. The loving support of my family and friends has been a soothing salve. Today, I’m grateful for the darkness of my past because it led me to a light I wouldn’t have otherwise known.

My boys describe this space as an expressive corner of the world where I can connect and share. I hope it becomes a special place for you to connect and share, too.