3Bar Protein Bars

Many of us tackle our days without scheduling meals. We get on a roll and before we know it we’re hangry. When I get to the hangry phase, I need a protein bar. But, many bars have gluten and other junk in them. So, when an old friend introduced me to 3BAR, it became my new snack obsession.

I recently reconnected with a friend of thirty years. We hustled our way through college waiting tables. Erin was always fit and wise about nutrition. While I was partying, she was running marathons. I should have known her next level fitness and nutrition would fulfill some big dreams. It turns out, Erin is the Founder and CEO of 3BAR.

Erin’s friends inspired her to turn her grandmother’s cookies into a healthier snack. So, she worked to become a Sports Nutrition Consultant. And years later, her grandmother’s cookies became the nutritional snack called 3BAR.


The 3 in 3BAR represents the three macros needed for perfect nutrition. 3BARs are vegan and free of gluten, soy and trans fats. And they have fewer sugar and carbs than most popular bars. Here’s how 3BAR stacks up.


Calories – 230

Protein – 12g

Sugars – 9g

Carbs – 20g

RX Bar

Calories – 210

Protein – 12g

Sugars – 14g

Carbs – 23g

Go Macro Bar

Calories – 260

Protein – 11g

Sugars – 10g

Carbs – 30g

Vega Sport Bar

Calories – 300

Protein – 20g

Sugars – 14g

Carbs – 26g

Clif Bar

Calories – 260

Protein – 10g

Sugars – 20g

Carbs – 40g

3Bar Energy Bars, Tropical Tri

TROPICAL-TRI is a flavorful blend of dark chocolate, almond butter and coconut.

3Bar Energy Bars, Cocoa Crunch

COCOA CRUNCH is a delectable blend of dark chocolate and peanut butter.

We’re all spinning plates these days. Life can be stressful. Stress brings on unhealthy cravings. And when it does, we now have a healthier option called 3BAR. Lucky for you, 3BAR can be purchased online or at your local Lifetime Fitness.

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