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This wild year has taught us the things we need, things we can live without, and how important our health and self-care truly is. Cultivating positity each day to help curb stress, anxiety and depression is much easier when you follow these simple 3 Steps to Well-Being.


Following these 3 Steps to Well-Being each day has helped keep my mood, emotions and energy levels in check this past year. Less doomsday thinking, less self-judgement. and more positivity… a winning trifecta I think we all could use.

Well-Being Step #1


We are not designed for a continuous 24/7 overload of news. Especially divisive news. Negative programming manipulates our brains. As a result, it causes us to feel despair, hopelessness and anger. Studies show our well-being depends on limiting our exposure to no more than thirty minutes of news programming per day.

Well-Being Step #2


Studies have shown social media actually turns-off our brains. Toss in a hefty load of misinformation and we’re rife with anxiety. Using social media mindfully means limiting our exposure to thirty minutes a day. This keeps our brains purring and opens our schedules for mental, emotional and physical self-improvement.

Well-Being Step #3


You’ve probably heard of melatonin pills, but are you familiar with melatonin au naturel? Our bodies can create melatonin when we activate our pineal gland. To do this, look towards the sun with your eyes closed for three minutes. The sunlight releases neurotransmitters which balances our brain’s chemistry.

Well-Being Quote, The Minimalists

Can you imagine how many studies will be done on the effects 2020 had on our psyche? The prolonged bouts of stress, anxiety and depression we’ve endured is astounding. And kudos to us for surviving the global pandemic and divisive election year combo! Now, pat yourself on the back and go add these 3 Steps to Well-Being to your daily to-do’s. Then, let the healing begin. -xo

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